Sydney Harwin – Be Mommy's Baby Again

Sydney Harwin – Be Mommy's Baby Again
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You interrupt your mom just as she is about to express some breast milk. She senses that you may be jealous that she had another baby and you are feeling a bit left out. You secretly wish you could feed from your mommy again, even though you are way too old for that now. You are quite shocked when your mother offers you to have some milk, just for old times sake! She cradles you in her lap, gently swaying you as you feed and listen to her soft voice making you feel better than ever. Her soft nipples brush against your cheek and you just can’t help it… you feel yourself getting an erection and of course, mommy notices straight away… She questions what she should do to help you out, and before you know it she is tugging away on your dick as you snuggle against her chest, and gives you the most explosive orgasm of your life. Mommy really missed you being her little baby.
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